Theta Delta

at Towson University

Chapter History

The local sorority recognized as Alpha Sigma Delta was started by several close friends in the fall semester of 1988. One evening a few friends were sitting around their dorm room in Newell Hall at Towson State University. They proposed the idea of starting their own sorority. This sorority would be a sharing with friends, of campus life, college life and values. Its members were anxious to unite each other along with the other greek lettered fraternities and various organizations at Towson University, hoping to make a positive difference among the students. Their individual involvement in campus activities was already evident but it was time now to take it one step further. They believed becoming sisters would enhance their quest. With this is mind they compiled all the information needed in establishing such an organization. A primary task was the appointment of an executive board. It was decided as follows: President - Kirsten Moore; Vice President of Committees - Marcia Beatty; Vice President of Membership - Lynn Scopel; Secretary - Dawn Reimels; Treasurer - Katie Wilkins; Social Chairman - Deborah Tartaglia; and Publicity Chairman - Katie Burk.

After several meetings with interested women, the group established itself with 22 members. In addition to those listed above, the following were assigned positions: Song and Spirit Committee Chairman - Karin Allen; Panhellenic Delegate - Robbin Barnes; GLADD Representative - Elizabeth Beilman; Rush Chairman - Kelly Curtis; Philanthropy Chairman - Heidi Frobenious; Fundraising Chairman - Donna Hickey; Historian - Carol Hill; GLADD Representative - Heather Hoisington; Scholarship Chairman - Kristen Koontz; Clothing/Jewelry Chairman - Andi Sirota; SGA Representatives - Leah Starkloff, Charlene Travers and Ann Troutman; and GLADD Representative - Janet Wilkins.

Greek letters were selected to name and represent the organization - ALPHA SIGMA DELTA. Also chosen were the mascot (a swan), the colors (pink and navy blue), the flower (Lily of the Valley), and the philanthropy (Lupis).

A major accomplishment for Alpha Sigma Delta was becoming affiliated with the Towson State Student Government Association. It was a required policy by the university and consisted of many formalities and procedure. The group was to be recognized only after a formal constitution was written and approved by the Student Government. The primary authors of the constitution were Kirsten Moore, Marcia Beatty and Katie Wilkins. They state the purposed of Alpha Sigma Delta as an opportunity for Towson State students to be a part of the Greek System, development of friendships and sisterhood, individually as well as group leadership and unity through social service. Alpha Sigma Delta's constitution was adopted November 22, 1988.

Alpha Sigma Delta developed strong relations with other Panhellenic and Intrafraternity Council groups and successfully participated in all Greek activities. Cooperating with Panhellenic regulations, Alpha Sig's were given the opportunity to become a national sorority. After meeting with several national groups, recognized that Alpha Xi Delta best matched their charater, goals and beliefs. They shared the ideas as founding sisters with that of the founding sisters of Alpha Xi Delta: "encourage personal friendships, promote friendlier contacts with the entire student body, and to be of active service to the college.

It wasn't sufficient to gain the approval of Alpha Xi Delta concerning colonization, but was also a decision by Towson's Panhellenic Board. This consister of Zeta Tau Alpha, Alpha Gamma Delta, Delta Phi Epsilon, Phi Sigma Sigma, and Alpha Omicron Pi. Fortunately, Panhellenic's vote was favorable and on October 14, 1989, one year after local affiliation, Alpha Sigma Delta was now a colony of Alpha Xi Delta and the seventh National Panhellenic Associated Sorority at Towson.

This step was further enhanced when the colony received their National charter on April 8, 1990 and become the Theta Delta Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta!